The Future with the Technological Advancement

Uncategorized / Saturday, September 21st, 2013

What do you expect about the future of this world? Twenty or thirty years from now, what will be the improvements in our technology? Many scientists and other experts in science and technology expect that this world will become a world of very high and more advanced technology. For now, most of us cannot even truly imagine about the future or even any technological advancement or progress. Why do experts in science and technology continue to think and create or invent technological innovations?

Nowadays, we can see, feel, and hear of unheard calamities or phenomenon such as severe earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, and hurricane. In other words, there is a continuous climate change. With the help of advanced technology, we can somehow avoid these things. There are inventions made to know “when” these phenomenon will occur.

Aside from these reasons for technological advancement, there is a great number of people who believe that computers can communicate just like usĀ  in the near future and it will be easier for us to travel in space. Also, through the artificial limbs, most people believe that it can perform better than the natural ones. In other words, this world will be dominated by artificial creatures known as robots. Why is it so? As there are many robots being invented and to-be-invented in the future, this world will no longer be a world of humans.

In terms of the environment, we can feel that there will be a severe effect of climate change. Even the sources of energy will soon disappear. A dreadful war which is known as the World War III is expected to happen in the near future.