Brilliant Technology Ideas from the Natural World

Uncategorized / Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Man’s imagination and intelligence is said to be great. How? Scientists are continually searching and thinking for possible solutions to problems for mankind’s survival. What about the inventors? They too are continually creating new inventions and  innovative ideas to develop new and advanced technology. As time passes by, unusual technological ideas are being  made. This shows that man’s thinking is also continually upgrading. Of course human’s are naturally intelligent. But this intelligence is becoming higher. As a result, brilliant technology ideas are being created.

There are unique inventions that are continually being created. Below is a list of these unique and awesome inventions that will make your jaw drop. Did you know where these technology ideas came from? It is from our nature itself! Amazing, isn’t it?


The design of this robot was based on the appearance of a bee. This tiny robot was invented for search and rescue operations. The type of this robot is miniature robotics. Also, this was invented for high-resolution weather and climate mapping. In addition, it helps and assist with crop pollination. We can really say that this is an awesome invention because though it is a very small robot, it is very helpful for us.


This is a small and foldable experimental electric car used for urban commute. Only two person can ride in this car. The design of this car was inspired by an armadillo. It was invented by the engineers from Korea.

You can also see in the infographic above: “painless” quill-inspired injection needles and “shark-proof” wetsuits and watersport products.