Museum in Berlin: The German museum of technology

Uncategorized / Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

In this article, we will also know and see about a museum located in Europe. The museum of technology that is located in Berlin. The museums can exist everywhere but there is museum classification also. It may seem that most people are attracted to the works of arts but there are also many interesting and amazing things about science and technology. That is why people also want to know more and museums are there so they could explore. Here is the video of the Geran museum.

The video lets you see what is featured or displayed in the museum and one of the subjects are trains. You can see models of trains at large and in a small size so you can take a look at other angles to have a closer or more detailed inspection of the different trains on display. You can also see some display of part of the train. There are models that are enclosed for preservation and also a good presentation from this leaking solution company see page 祥發工程. More is seen in the video.

They also displayed the different tracks for trains and it is a good sight to see and you may wonder if you might be lost if you will do manually the traveling instead of using the train. There are more displays but it is not just about the train but also the maritime side also. You surely know that you will see boats of different sizes and style. Watch the video so that you can be able to know what to expect.